Recycled Microfibers Dust Towels (2)
DescriptionDust be gone! Reach for our miraculous Recycled Microfiber Dust Towels for a dependable, sustainable cleaning solution. With two sides with two different weaves, you can easily dust and polish tables, shelves, screens, keyboards and more!  Sustainable: Made of 80% recycled...
LE 1,177.00
Recycled Microfibers Window Towel (2)
DescriptionYour windows have never been cleaner! Our Recycled Microfiber Window Towel will clean your windows, mirrors or any other shiny surfaces without detergent and will eliminate streaking at the same time! Sustainable: Made of 80% recycled material post-consumer sourced (like disposable...
LE 1,377.00
Recycled Microfibers Multipurpose Towels (2)
DescriptionCleaning has never been so easy with our Recycled Microfiber Multipurpose Towel! Special weave offers strong scrubbing power and super absorbency and can polish almost everything in your kitchen and bathroom, helping you to create a healthier environment. Sustainable: Made of...
LE 1,051.00
Recycled Microfibers Dish Drying Towel (2)
DescriptionWipe your dishes clean and dry them in no time! Our high-quality Microfiber Dish Drying Towel is designed to grip and rip dirt, grime, mildew and stains off surfaces and lock it inside like a magnet until washed! Perfect to...
LE 2,151.00
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