Cubix Square 1L

LE 580.00


Transform your kitchen storage with Cubix containers, a stylish and practical solution for all your storage needs! These vibrant containers were designed with versatility and space efficiency in mind. They also keep your food fresher for longer with their airtight lid. 

  • Locks in food freshness: Airtight lid ensures your food stays fresh and full of flavor.
  • Built to last: Our durable, reusable design stands the test of time, maintaining its appearance use after use and wash after wash.
  • Stackable and modular to optimize space in the fridge or pantry.​
  • Easy to open thanks to the large tab on the lid.
  • Ideal size for small snacks on the go.

Safe instructions

Do not store food in a box above 80°C.  The heat source must be avoided to avoid mass or deformation (deformation). Do not use a scrub sponge or strong detergent when

בטוח לבוא במגע עם מזון / משקה Be sure to come in contact with food / drink
בטוח לשימוש במדיח כלים Safe to use in the dishwasher
לא לשימוש במקפיא Not for use in the freezer
לא לשימוש במיקרוגל Not for microwave use



12.9x12.9x9.65 cm


Cubix Square 1L
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