Set of One Touch 1.8L+ 1.1L(2)+ 540 ml

LE 3,031.00

Seal it, trust it! These containers, with their signature easy-to-close, one-touch system, are sure to be your favorites.

By storing ready-to-use food while making maximum use of the cupboard space. The smart storage container is modular and designed for storage on top of each other with as little space as possible.

  • Signature One Touch closing system - Easy for any family member to use!
  • Wide tab for easy opening - No more damaged nails or need for help opening stubborn containers!
  • Versatile - Product design and material are pantry and fridge friendly.
  • Airtight lid - Guaranteed to keep humidity out and freshness in, less than 1mg. of humidity can enter the containers.  Translation: fresher food! 
  • Snap & store - Nesting lids stay together when containers are not in use. 
  • One lid fits all - All sizes from the same shape fit the same lid, making it easy to find the right one.
  • Modular and stackable - Designed for your pantry's most commonly used items creates an organized, beautifully pantry. 
  • Thoughtfully designed - Nestable for space-saving storage.
  • Clear-View window: Displays contents for easy identification.

How to Open

  • Place closed container on a table or another stable surface. ​
  • Hold container with one hand.​
  • With other hand, pull tab up to remove lid from base.

How to Close

  • Place container on a table or another stable surface.​
  • Align lid with base. 
  • Push down on lid marking (centre of the lid) until you hear the "click" that tells you container is closed.

Set of One Touch 1.8L+ 1.1L(2)+ 540 ml
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