Universal Jar 550 ml

LE 683.00

Whether you’re commuting, at the office, at school or at home, the Universal Jars collection will be your go-to lunch and storage solution. The Universal Jar 550ml with straw cover is the perfect solution for enjoying refreshing beverages all year long! It is great for sipping iced or cold brew coffee, iced tea, lemonade, juices or your favorite infused water at home or on the go. Pair with the Eco Straw and help reduce your use of single-use drink cups and straws. The Universal Jar 550ml is a part of the multifunctional storage system, the Universal Jars Small. You can combine it with the 325ml and 825ml Jars and mix and match the topping container cover or standard cover from the different product sets for multiple purposes, including home storage, food preparation, lunches, beverages and more. The topping container cover (not included) can be used for sauces, dressings and dips or crunchy toppings to ensure they're still crunchy when you're ready to eat them. The standard cover (not included) is perfect for snacks like trail mix or granola or desserts like chia pudding or no-bake cheesecake. It also allows for stacking other small Universal Jars on top, making them perfect for at-home storage.

Instructions for use
Wash and dry well before use. Do not separate the silicone ring from the cap. Safe to use in the dishwasher but the jar should only be placed vertically. The jars are not suitable for hot liquids or carbonated drinks. Liquids containing wine, spices, tomatoes, or carrots may leave stains but do not impair the function of the product. Tupperware's warranty does not cover these stains. In the case of storing pickles in the refrigerator, it is recommended to remove the pickles with a clean utensil and not to put your hands in the jar.

Safe to come into contact with food/drink    Safe to come into contact with food/drink
Safe to use in the dishwasher    Safe to use in the dishwasher
Not for cutting    Not for cutting
Not for use in the freezer    Not for use in the freezer
Not for microwave use    Not for microwave use


Universal Jar 550 ml
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