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MICROFIBER HOUSE SET (window-dust-multipurpose)

LE 1,219.00

Goodbye to dust! Clean the house without chemicals using our ecological cloths. Microfiber cloth for cleaning dust is a multi-purpose towel, ideal for cleaning dust from screens, keyboards, electronics, mirrors, the interior of the car and general surfaces. The double density towel fabric carries a natural electrostatic charge which attracts the dust to it. One side features longer fibers for maximum dust collection, while the other side is for brushing and polishing. Multiply by 4 to maximize electrostatic qualities.

Clean the house without chemicals using our ecological cloths. Microfiber cloth for glass and window surfaces is perfect for efficient cleaning of glass, mirrors, windows, pictures and more without leaving marks. The unique microfiber structure captures the dust and leaves the glass spotless. This set of two microfiber towels features a "honeycomb" texture that allows you to wash windows, glass and shiny surfaces without the use of detergent, so they remain perfectly shiny. Amazing absorbency - try them on your pets!

Make cleaning simple and efficient with a multi-purpose microfiber kitchen towel - one of the highest quality microfiber fabrics available. Thanks to the multi-purpose weaving of the microfiber cleaning towel, it is suitable for cleaning and polishing, when used wet or dry, without leaving marks or residues. This unique fabric can be used for almost everything, from the kitchen to the bathroom, so you can create a healthy home without the need for chemicals or cleaning agents. Good for you, good for the environment. Each Best microfiber towel is characterized by a unique weave and texture that helps it perform its main function, as evidenced by the embroidered symbol on its front. To be ready for anything, collect the entire set! Contains two towels.

Instructions for use
Gentle wash, maximum temperature 60°, without fabric softener.

Not safe to come into contact with food/drink    Not safe to come into contact with food/drink
Not dishwasher safe    Not dishwasher safe
Gentle wash, maximum temperature 60°    Gentle wash, maximum temperature 60°
Do not iron    Do not iron
Do not bleach    Do not bleach
Tumble dry at low temperature    Tumble dry at low temperature
Do not use with hot items    Do not use with hot items


Dimensions in cm

Window: 40x40

multipurpose: 30x30

dust: 35x30


MICROFIBER HOUSE SET (window-dust-multipurpose)
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