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The Tikire wipe box is attractive and comfortable when you take wipes on the go or use them at home, and ensures that they remain moist and easy to remove. You can open the entire lid for refilling or just the small opening for pulling out wipes one by one. The lid has a baby-friendly flower shape and is designed for very easy opening or closing, even with one hand. The lid remains open during use but closes tightly at the end so that moisture does not escape, even if the wipes are removed from their original packaging. It is easy to check if the box needs to be filled, thanks to the transparent base, and thanks to the colorful design, the wipe box is a decorative item for any children's room.

Instructions for use
Wash the wipe box regularly to maintain optimal hygiene. Safe to use on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Never let babies play in the box of wipes unattended.

It is not safe to come in contact with food / drink    It is not safe to come in contact with food / drink
Not safe to use in the dishwasher    Not safe to use in the dishwasher
Hand washing    Hand washing


Dimensions in
22.6x15x3.9 cm

650 ml

Name in English
Tcare Wipes Box

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