Sugar Dispenser 300 ml

LE 747.00


Virtually airtight, liquid-tight seal to keep contents fresh and dry. Ideal for sugar, powdered creamer, etc.

• The Allegra Sugar Dispenser has a clear base with a finely etched finish and is attractive for serving at the table.
• The spout screws easily into the container with one turn. It has a unique flexible hinge which allows it to be used in two positions:
-down for dispensing a pre-measured ‘dose’ of sugar, or
-up for pouring freely
• The cone insert is the measuring tool for the sugar – measuring approximately one standard sugar cube or 1 teaspoon.
The cone automatically fills when the container is turned upside down.
• With the spout in the pouring position, press on the cap to close the Sugar Dispenser. This will ensure the spout reaches the cap, keeping the contents clean and dry.
• The shape of the 300 ml base makes it very ergonomic to hold and rotate. It requires minimal
effort to use and is suitable for left and right-handed people.

It allows you to either pour free flowing, or dispense just an amount of teaspoon.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dishwasher proof: yes
  • Type: Sugar bowls
  • Microwave Proof: No

Size:  19W x 8H centimeters

Capacity : 300 Milliliters

Sugar Dispenser 300 ml
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