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Silicone Form Tart

LE 1,390.00


  • Tupperware premium silicone: Cured for 8 hours post-production, high quality Tupperware silicone is one of the safest silicones to use.
  • Long-lasting: Durable and will retain its shape with regular domestic use.
  • Designed for convenience: Safe, comfortable handles will make it easy to handle, even with oven gloves.
  • No greasing needed: The anti-stick properties of our premium silicone allow easy unmolding.
  • Versatile: Usable in the fridge, freezer, oven and microwave.

Care Instructions

  • One of silicone's properties is its ability to absorb fat, which it gradually releases after usage. Form will have a greasy feeling and white deposit overtime. To preserve your silicone form, wash inside and outside with soapy water and dry carefully before each use to remove any possible greasy/white residue.
  • Before filling form, place on a cold, clean oven rack or baking sheet. 
  • Greasing or baking sprays are not needed when baking with our Silicone Forms. They could even damage the material. Only when molding in the fridge or freezer (e.g., recipes with gelatin), some oil can be used to help with unmolding.
  • Our Silicone Baking Form can handle heat, however it cannot be used on the stovetop or with the grill function of your oven, microwave or broiler
  • No cutting! Never cut your food in the baking form. Instead, use a serving tray, cutting board or plate.
  • Always preheat the oven before baking (remove oven rack before preheating).
  • Some foods can cause staining, but this will not affect the product’s performance.
  • Always use oven gloves when removing the silicone form from the microwave or conventional oven. Always remove it together with the oven rack.

Dimensions in cm
26 cm Ø x 3,5 cm H

Silicone Form Tart
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