Set of Purple Storage Containers (8)

LE 2,791.00

2 Square Containers (1.25L) + Oval Containers 320 ml (2) + Mini Containers 110ml (4)


Easily organize and preserve all your favorite foods with this flexible, versatile collection. From dry goods in the pantry to fresh food in the fridge, these go-to containers have you covered.

With a raised rim on the lid, these modular containers are designed for stable stacking, making it easy to organize your fridge and pantry.

Rounded corners and a convenient corner lid-tab make them easy to handle and open and close, even when full.

Great for fresh foods, pantry dry goods and even household items like craft and beauty supplies, batteries and cords.

It’s all the quality, function and style you expect from Tupperware, for whatever you need to store. 

  • Locks in food freshness: Airtight lid ensures your food stays fresh and full of flavor.
  • Built to last: Our durable, reusable design stands the test of time, maintaining its appearance use after use and wash after wash.
  • Stackable and modular to optimize space in the fridge or pantry.​
  • Easy to open thanks to the large tab on the lid.

Safe instructions
Safe for use of the dishwasher.

Set of Purple Storage Containers (8)
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