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Set of Pink Eco+ Freezer Bottle 500 ml & Long Container

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It's the best choice for healthy, fresh and ready-to-eat foods wherever you are.

Bottle : We have combined the familiar and beloved design of our ecological bottles together with a strong and innovative material in order to create the most durable bottle we have ever produced! After an intense workout or just while lounging on the beach, it goes without saying that you will want to drink cold and refreshing water ... our Extreme Aqua bottle has come to meet exactly this need! You can leave the Extreme Aqua bottle in the freezer for days - just fill it up to the mark line (750 ml) and put it in the fridge for a few hours or even days. Fill, freeze, and can forget about the bottle completely. The bottle will be waiting for you until you are ready to use it! If you do not intend to freeze the bottle, you can fill it even more - up to 880 ml. The cap is easy to open and completely sealed against leaks. After freezing, you can enjoy cold water for up to 8 hours. Avoid using disposable bottles and help preserve the environment!

Long Container :  At school, on trips, on a trip or on a bicycle, 'acc oyster is perfect for carrying sandwiches, sliced ​​fruit and vegetables and more. The corners are rounded and comfortable, the contents are protected and the food is not crushed, and thanks to the special bracket, there is no fear that the box will be opened accidentally. At the same time, children can open the box independently. The box is also great for storing headphones, chargers and cables, for crafting and sewing accessories, and can even be used by mothers of babies to carry pacifiers, nipples for bottles or wipes on the go.the disposable packaging would have reached a landfill , whereas in this way it gets a new life.

Dimensions in cm

Long Container : 22.5x12.3x6.8

Set of Pink Eco+ Freezer Bottle 500 ml & Long Container
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