Set of To Go Cups 490 ml (2) + Small Containers (2)

LE 3,289.00

Choose to reuse with our stylish and sustainable Coffee To Go Cup, designed to help you reduce disposable waste and live better. Our Coffee To Go Cups are made from ECO+ material which is food-safe material coming from sustainable sources. 

The disposable cups from coffee shops are trendy, nice for pictures on Instagram, but they are also non-recyclable and are filling the garbage in the street or end up in landfills.
Reduce waste and live smarter with the Coffee To Go Cup! 
With me things are better! I'm trendy, I’m totally Instagramable, reusable and I can even get you a small discount in some coffee shops if you bring me instead of choosing a disposable cup! 

The reusable cup features:

  • a large tab for easy opening, 
  • an ergonomic drinking spout for easy sipping, 
  • a silicone plug to help prevent spills, 
  • and a durable sleeve that clicks into place to help protect hands from heat and condensation so it is perfect for hot or cold beverages.

Keep your snacks fresh and tasty on the go with this durable and reusable snack container. Made from renewable material, this container is an eco-friendly choice for your snacking needs. The easy-open tab ensures that you can access your snacks quickly and easily, without struggling. 



Set of To Go Cups 490 ml (2) + Small Containers (2)
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