Set of Fridge Bowls (2x300 ml, 1.5L)

LE 1,019.00

Don't let your fresh food or leftovers go to waste! These handy airtight and leak proof bowls will keep your fresh or leftover foods fresh in the fridge while showing you clearly what is inside. Suitable for the fridge and on the go, these containers are modular and stackable to save space in the fridge, or nestable when not in use. But we bet you’ll be using these bowls every day!

  • Locks in food freshness: Round airtight lid keeps food fresh and conserves its flavor.
  • Perfect for taking food on the go: Leak proof lid ensures no messy spills in your bag during transport, even when placed vertically!
  • Modular and stackable to optimize space in the fridge.
  • Easily identify contents thanks to the sheer window.
  • Nestable to save space in cupboard when not in use.
  • Easy to open thanks to the large tab on the lid.
  • Ideal size for taking healthy snacks, like fresh fruit, yogurt or nuts, to the office or school.

It consists of: Bowls 300 ml (2) + Bowl 1.5L

Set of Fridge Bowls (2x300 ml, 1.5L)
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