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One Touch Canister 940 ml (2) - Mickey

LE 1,311.00 LE 1,049.00
 our solution for long-term storage of food products in daily use, and perfect protection from moisture. The lids are impervious to leaks and so easy to open and close: a small pull on the end of the lid opens the box, and a small press on the arrows in the center of the lid will close it in an airtight manner and keep it fresh for a long time.
The design adds interest and color to any shelf, drawer or work surface. The boxes are extremely durable and easy to clean, and can be stacked on top of each other in a modular manner to utilize the storage space in the kitchen. The pair of boxes will be used by you on a daily basis and also for entertaining: you can store coffee and teas, white and brown sugar, or different types of cookies and snacks that will be kept fresh and crispy for a long time.
One Touch Canister 940 ml (2) - Mickey
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