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LE 1,993.00

The fastest way to a delicious cup of coffee!
The coffee kit stores ground coffee or coffee beans, filters and a coffee spoon, all in one useful place. In addition, the airtight and liquid-tight lid keeps the contents fresh and ready to use.
The kit includes a measuring spoon of the perfect size for making one cup of coffee (20 ml), and a designated place to keep the spoon in place. The coffee storage compartment can hold up to 500   grams of instant coffee or coffee beans, and the rounded corners at the base make it easy to take out the coffee with the measuring spoon.  Do you drink filter coffee? The kit includes a special compartment that can hold up to 30 paper filters (depending on the type of filter). Do you prefer tea to coffee? The kit will also be used for storing bulk herbal infusions or teas, and instead of paper filters you can store paper napkins or small bags of sugar/sweetener in the side compartment. Your morning coffee routine just gets easier with the Tupperware coffee set! User manual

The outer container can be washed in the dishwasher, but it is recommended to wash the inner parts by hand with water, a soft sponge and soap. It is recommended to wash all parts before refilling. Safe to use in the refrigerator, but it is not recommended to store coffee in the refrigerator for fear of moisture accumulation.

Safe to come into contact with food/drink    Safe to come into contact with food/drink
Safe to use in the dishwasher    Safe to use in the dishwasher
Hand wash    Hand wash
Not for cutting    Not for cutting
Not for use in the freezer    Not for use in the freezer
Not for microwave use    Not for microwave use
Not for oven use    Not for oven use


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