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Mini Sweet Box

LE 630.00


This Sweet Box Mini is a contemporary, decorative container with a soft rounded shape for a comfortable grip. Very handy for holding sandwiches, snacks and small items, making it ideal for home, office or on the go use. Crafted from food-safe, durable material, it combines style, practicality and resilience in one package.

  • Slim & compact: Easy to store anywhere and everywhere: drawers, desks, school bags, handbags, briefcases, suitcases, leisure bags and even in the car.
  • Easy open & close: The snap closure keeps the cover tightly closed, but by lifting the ergonomically designed "cover lip," the keeper is easily opened.
  • Sturdy design: Keeps sandwiches from getting crushed, and sturdy hinges keep the two halves together securely.
  • Folds open completely: Containers opens flat to be used as an eating tray.
  • Fight single-use plastic: No more plastic wrap or disposable sandwich bags.


W 12.9 x H 5.1 x L 16 Ø cm

Mini Sweet Box
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