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Low Freezer Storage 2.25L

LE 759.00

the box is intended for efficient freezing and easy storage of ravioli, dumplings, or unbaked dough for future preparation and more. For best results, the food should be frozen in layers. Cooked food for lunch or a picnic can also be frozen. The box size is perfect for fish fillets, steaks, chicken breast, and sausages.

Instructions for use
Do not put boiling food in containers as this may lead to deformation of the vessel. The freezer-friendly containers do not microwave safe. Do not re-freeze thawed fish, meat, or chicken.

Be sure to come in contact with food / drink    Be sure to come in contact with food/drink
Safe to use in the dishwasher    Safe to use in the dishwasher
Not for cutting    Not for cutting
Safe to use in the freezer    Safe to use in the freezer
Not for microwave use    Not for microwave use
Not for oven use    Not for oven use


Dimensions in cm
31 x 23 x 6.2

2.25 liters

English name
Freezer Mates Low 2.25L

Low Freezer Storage 2.25L
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