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Commuter Mug 470 ml

LE 1,869.00


With an innovative 360 drinking spout, you don’t need to look for the pouring spout. You can actually sip from anywhere around the drinking rim. Fill it at home with coffee or tea or take it to your favorite coffee shop for a refill and avoid using hundreds of disposable cups. Perfect when you are on the move!

  • No need to look - Thanks to the 360° drinking spout you can sip from anywhere around the rim!
  • No leakage - Built-in leak proof inner cover means you can confidently take this Mug with you anywhere! 
  • Sustainable - By using the 360 Mug you can reduce use of wasteful single-use coffee and tea cups when grabbing on the go. 
  • Hygienic - The cover can be disassembled for thorough and easy cleaning.
  • Double walled - Lets you take your time when drinking your favorite beverage.

Pack smart, save smart, live smart with durable, reusable containers. 

You’ll love our 16 oz/470 ml capacity 360° Commuter Mug for its innovative drinking spout cover that allows you to enjoy your beverage... anytime, anywhere. 

Simply twist and enjoy. With the leak proof inner cover, there's no need to worry about spilling or leaking, perfect when on the go.

How does the 360-degree cover work?  

  • Simply twist the inner cover to open or close. 
  • A pictogram indicates when the cover is in the open position and ready to drink. 
  • The openings in the drinking spout cover allow your beverage to come out on whichever side you are drinking. 

for safe use in the dishwasher. Safe to use in the refrigerator.

The cover can be completely removed and disassembled for easy cleaning. 

Safe to come into contact with food/drink    Safe to come into contact with food/drink
Safe to use in the dishwasher    Safe to use in the dishwasher
Not for use in the freezer    Not for use in the freezer


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Commuter Mug 470 ml
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