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LE 206.00


These are the last hardships we kept quiet about! The bow has a unique shape with a rounded edge, ideal for children. Take them with you for picnics or trips. The straws are adjustable and suitable for a variety of glasses, their length can be 18 or 25 cm. Perfect for all drinks: water, cocktails, smoothies, juices ... thanks to the diameter, no seeds or mint leaves get stuck in them, etc. The straws are made of Eco +, which is plastic "New approved for food use and made from recycled disposable packaging. Were it not for this use, the disposable packaging would have reached a landfill or incinerator, while giving it new life. We are the first Tupperware to use this innovative plastic, which is recycled and yet safe to use in food. Reuse "takes on a whole new meaning here! The price is for a single straw.

Safe instructions
for use for the dishwasher.

Be sure to come in contact with food / drink    Be sure to come in contact with food / drink
Safe to use in the dishwasher    Safe to use in the dishwasher
Not for cutting    Not for cutting
Not for use in the freezer    Not for use in the freezer
Not for microwave use    Not for microwave use


Dimensions in cm
177mm x Ø10mm + 87mm x Ø9mm

English name
ECO + Straw

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