Square Cheese Keeper

LE 900.00

Love cheese but not sure what is the best way to store it in the fridge to keep the taste and freshness? We designed our cheese box with the thought of cheese lovers like you in mind! The cheese storage box is a revolutionary product that helps keep moisture and odors away, and is perfect for keeping small pieces of different cheeses, or a large piece of one type of cheese.

Safe instructions
for use for the dishwasher. Do not damage the CondensControl layer with sharp tools. Do not remove CondensControl Network Paper. Avoid placing the box in the back of the refrigerator, where the heat sink is located, to prevent condensation from accumulating in the box. Cutting with a knife on the tray may result in scratches that do not affect product performance and are not covered by the warranty.

Be sure to come in contact with food / drink    Be sure to come in contact with food / drink
Safe to use in the dishwasher    Safe to use in the dishwasher
Not for cutting    Not for cutting
Not for use in the freezer    Not for use in the freezer
Not for microwave use    Not for microwave use
Not for oven use    Not for oven use


Dimensions in cm
21 x 20 x 9.5

English name
CheeSmart Small

Square Cheese Keeper
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