Set of Cubix Square 1L (2)

LE 969.00

Feel the breeze, even in your Tupperware boxes! The new Cubix series is more useful than ever! Featuring a fresh and contemporary design, these modular bins can be stacked on top of each other in a clean, organized and accessible refrigerator. It can be stored in cans of meat, cheese, salads, soups, leftovers, etc. Its square shape makes optimal use of refrigerator storage space, and the rounded corners make it easy to carry. In addition, the boxes can also be used in the pantry, storing sweets, herbal infusions, cake decorating, chocolate, sugar, cereal and more. You can also store boxes for art supplies, sewing accessories, stationery, and more. For effective food preservation, the box should be filled with two thirds of its contents

Safe instructions

Do not store food in a box above 80°C. Dishwasher safe at a temperature not exceeding 65°C. The heat source must be avoided to avoid mass or deformation (deformation). Not safe for use in the microwave or freezer. Do not use a scrub sponge or strong detergent when

בטוח לבוא במגע עם מזון / משקה Be sure to come in contact with food / drink
בטוח לשימוש במדיח כלים Safe to use in the dishwasher
לא לשימוש במקפיא Not for use in the freezer
לא לשימוש במיקרוגל Not for microwave use

Dimensions in cm


Set of Cubix Square 1L (2)
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