Space Saver Storage Oval Set (5)

LE 3,357.00 LE 2,660.00


Whether you have a large kitchen or a small pantry, there is a "Space Saver" kitchen storage container set that will make the most of your space. Mix and Match with the best selection of Space Saver to help keep your kitchen organized and tidy. 

  • Airtight - Keep food fresh for longer, keep insects at bay and save money. 
  • Always know what's inside - Polished see-through window makes it easy to check contents and quantity. No need to take it off the shelf!
  • Be Sustainable: Buy in Bulk, resulting in less disposable packaging, food savings and fewer trips to the store.
  • Declutter - Stay organized and inspired by having a tidy pantry with all your goods neatly stacked and visible.
  • Easy-open thanks to the flexible seal and tabs on both sides.
  • Say goodbye to chaos! no more open packages that risk spillages in the drawers/cupboard.

Add to your existing collection, or start a new one with this amazing bundle of storage containers to fit both deep and shallow shelves, and every type of dry contents, from sugar and flour, to snack packs, loose snacks, coffee, teas, spices, pasta, and more. 

You’ll love how the clear containers let you easily see what each container holds so you can simply grab and go. Our specially designed seals keep contents fresher for longer, so you save money and flavor, as well as time and space.


  • Oval 1- 500 mL; 6 cm H

  • Oval 2 - 1.1 L; 11.5 cm H (2)

  • Oval 3 - 1.7 L; 17 cm H

  • Oval 4 - 2.3 L; 23 cm H

Space Saver Storage Oval Set (5)
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