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Red Bottle 750ml & Mini Containers (2) Set

LE 1,037.00

Bottle 750 ml + Mini Containers (2) 

The description
of our large water bottles is a sustainable and cost-effective solution for drinking more water throughout the day. Our 750 ml bottle can help you adopt a positive habit that has a significant impact on your health. The shape of the large plastic bottle easily fits in the palm of your hand, and is suitable for most backpacks. Comes in a variety of other sizes.

Don't you hate grabbing a snack from your lunch bag only to find it smushed or worse, wet from an ice pack? We do!

You'll never have that happen again with the Oyster Mini. The simple, compact design features softly curved edges and easy-to-open tabs, which keep your snacks, biscuits and other sweets safe and secure. The container fits easily into kids' backpacks, handbags or briefcases.

No more searching for the right lid! The one-piece construction makes it easier than ever to use.

Entire surface is finely textured for long-lasting protection from scratches.

In addition to taking snacks on the go, Oyster Mini is great for storing and organizing kids' treasures, craft supplies, small phone cables and earphones, first aid supplies and more.


Mini Container: W 8.5 x H 5.2 x L 10 Ø - cm


Red Bottle 750ml & Mini Containers (2) Set
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