Compact Kitchen Tools Set (4) + Holder

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Have you ever burned your pancakes because you couldn't find a spatula in your messy kitchen drawer?

A cluttered kitchen is always a problem, it makes every task in the kitchen more difficult and it takes you time looking for the utensils you need.


Compact Kitchen Tools are specially designed and engineered to always be organized and within reach to help you with your everyday cooking tasks. They take up minimal space in your kitchen! You can store them nicely in a drawer or keep them easily accessible by hanging them anywhere you prefer in your kitchen thanks to its convenient holder and if you prefer them on the countertop, they will hardly take up any precious space in your utensil pot.

The Spatula has rounded angles and thin beveled edges, perfect for flipping and turning food even in difficult, tight situations. Ideal for pancakes and eggs.

The Skimmer lifts and quickly drains various sizes and shapes of food. Thanks to its optimized diameter and concavity of the head you can remove foam from boiling meat or from jellies. 

The Ladle has a capacity of ½ cup/125 ml, ideal for serving soups, sauces, hot vegetables, stews and much more. Both corners of the Ladle are shaped with an edge to pour smoothly from either side. This edge is sharp to ensure it reaches the bottom of a pan or a casserole as well as the edges very easily. 

The Spoon’s has a capacity of ¼ cup/60 ml and the specially designed shape features flat rounded angles with a deep hollow for versatile serving. The Serving Spoon is perfect for serving hot or cold dishes such as casseroles, pasta, vegetables, potatoes, sauces, rice dishes, salads and desserts.

The Holder will help you store them neatly in a drawer or hang them anywhere in your kitchen where you can, to easily access each tool from its side. When storing the whole set without the Holder, the tools nest perfectly for maximum space optimization.


  • Always Organized, Always Ready: The Compact Kitchen Tools come with a convenient holder that will keep your tools organized even inside a crowded drawer.
  • Practical, Space-Saving Kitchenware: Innovative design nests tools perfectly together, taking up a minimum amount of space when stored.
  • 4 Tools To Get The Job Done: Flip, mix, scoop, strain and serve with these essential Compact Kitchen Tools.
  • Our Most Compact Kitchen Tools Ever: The Compact Kitchen Tools are specially designed and engineered to occupy the least space in your kitchen while being always at hand.
  • Hygienic Kitchen Tools: The Compact Kitchen Tools are very easy to clean and dishwasher safe, they will not retain odors nor flavors.

  • CARE

    • withstands temperatures of up to 200°C. 
    •  Safe to use in the dishwasher.
    • Although the tools can withstand 200°C we do not recommend to use them to take out food from deep frying as it could potentially be hotter than 200°C. 
    • Do not leave the tools resting on hot pans for long periods of time.
    Compact Kitchen Tools Set (4) + Holder
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